About MGM

Mediterranean Green Market is a commercial platform promoted by Spanish small farmers and cooperatives to distribute our products all over the world. We are committed to quality products and sustainability. Thus, we start with two key concepts:

Mediterranean: understood as health, nature, quality food and the environment.

Sustainable: we promote sustainability in production, consumption and transport.



Our team is made up of foreign trade professionals with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of internationalisation of the company. We create a comprehensive internationalization system for family businesses and cooperatives, guaranteeing the best service to our clients: from product development, quality control, safety and certification protocols required for each market.

We are committed to responsible consumption and a circular economy: the objective of which is the value of products, materials and resources are kept in the economy for as long as possible, minimizing the generation of waste.

We are lovers of the Mediterranean culture, its gastronomy and its unique nature and our mission is to share these values ​​with the rest of the world with a fundamental premise: its conservation.

Rural economies

We represent local producers, family businesses and cooperatives, who with so much work and dedication develop the raw material from their environment. This encourages the viability and consolidation of rural work.

Selection of the final customer

In a global market, with a very high level of competition, our mission is to find the most suitable distribution channel for each product, where the quality and origin of the product is valued.

Sustainable products

To preserve the environment and promote the fundamental values of the Mediterranean diet and sustainability.

Logistical efficiency

We work with the main logistics operators to offer the most efficient solution, both logistically and environmentally.










Commercial actions

Support trips, agendas, attendance at fairs, contests, etc.

Logistics efficiency

Our motto is ``from producer to consumer`` in the most efficient and safe way. We help choose the best logistics model, from packaging to the means of transport for final delivery, thus optimizing the supply chain and distribution networks.

Search of new products

Search and development of new quality products.

Viability of the operations

We guarantee the viability of the operations: payment facilities, adaptation of international payment methods, credit;

Interactive visits

We organize interactive visits to production areas: wineries, oil mills, farms, factories, routes through the countryside, etc. In order to show that heritage wealth of the Mediterranean environment to our clients and friends.

Adaptation of products

Adaptation of products to the target market: labeling, packaging, quality, documents and price.


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